The Dark Before the Dawn


The Dark Before the Dawn

It is always darkest before the dawn. While we are engaged in this war against the Covid-19 virus, the economy is in lockdown. The number of people that are testing positive for the Covid-19 virus continues to rise and more states are issuing “stay at home” orders. It is important for all of us to understand the difference between cause and effect.

With ever increasing numbers of test kits being available we are getting a better handle on the number of cases we are dealing with. These are cases that did exist, and not necessarily new. Once discovered we are better able to quarantine those individuals to stop the spread. As states issue “stay at home” orders, the ability for the virus to spread through the community is greatly diminished. Unfortunately many people see these steps and panic. This panic is almost as bad as the disease itself. Panic has caused many to hoard Personal Protection Equipment (masks, surgical gloves, etc.). These are the very things our health care providers need the most. These health care workers are at the front line of this war. They need our support. We are all soldiers on this war. We are being called on to do our part. That includes following any state orders and following all guidelines issued by the Center of Disease Control. These measures are the medicine we are taking to cure this disease. It may not be fun, but it is a far cry from having to storm the beaches at Normandy.

Take this opportunity to be grateful for all the blessings you have. Family, friends, community and country are all blessings. Spread love to everyone you can even if it is just a text. Laugh, sing and rejoice because you live in the greatest country on earth at the very best time to be alive. We are so fortunate that this disease came now. 2020 started with the economy strong or even stronger than it ever was. Yes, it took a hit, but we will recover. Can you imagine the damage it would have caused if it hit in early 2009? Science and technology are light years ahead of where they were just a few short years ago.

On The Up-Side

  1. According to Harvard Health Publishing, 99% of the people infected will recover. Compare that to Mersa 66%, SARS 89% or Ebola at 10%.

  1. Of the 80,000 infected Chinese, 70% have fully recovered and have been discharged.

  1. China’s new cases plummet: China has now closed down its last temporary hospital built to handle Covid-19. Not enough cases to warrant them.

  1. Scientists have discovered how the novel coronavirus breaks into cells, which will help significantly in developing treatments.

  1. Drugs that work: Doctors in India have successfully treated two Italian patients with Covid-19, administering a combination of drugs – principally Lopinavir and Ritonavir, alongside Oseltamivir and Chloroquine. Several are now suggesting the same medical treatment, on a case-by-case basis, globally.

  1. Antibodies to the rescue: Researchers at the Erasmus Medical Center claim to have found an antibody that can fend off infection by Covid-19.

  1. South Korea’s dramatic drop in new cases: After its peak of 909 newly reported Covid-19 cases on February 29th, South Korea has now seen a dramatic drop in the number of new cases reported daily. The daily number of recovered patients is now higher than the number of new cases.

  1. Due to high levels of self-quarantine, Codogno, one of the two clusters in Italy has reported significantly fewer infections each day.

  1. Scientists in Canada have made a massive breakthrough in an effort to develop a vaccine. They have successfully grown copies of the coronavirus which will help others conduct tests.

  1. China is testing five different vaccine options claiming a vaccine could be available next month.

  1. Vaccination trials in the U.S. are already underway. A trial of Moderna’s vaccine at Kaiser Permanente under Washington’s Health Research Institute in Seattle, hopefully will confirm the safety and ethical use of the vaccine.

  1. Yet another vaccine in the works: San Diego biotech company, Arcturus Therapeutics is developing a covid-19 vaccine in collaboration with Duke University and National University of Singapore.

  1. Test results in 2 hours: Cleveland’s MetroHealth Medical Center has developed a Covid-19 test that can now deliver results in just two hours, rather than in a matter of days.

  1. Distilleries across the U.S are making their own hand sanitizer and giving it away free.

  1. John Hopkins researcher has claimed antibodies from recovered coronavirus patients could help people at risk. This is a possible treatment that can be made available under urgent circumstances.

  1. Treatment protocols: Seven patients who were treated for Covid-19 at Jaipur’s Sawai Man Singh (SFS) Hospital and Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital in India have recovered. The treatment protocol will be widely scaled to other hospitals.

  1. Australian researchers are in the midst of testing two drugs as cures to the virus. They have identified how the body’s immune system fights the coronavirus.

  1. Numerous businesses have stepped up to fight the disease. Changing their production to produce greater availability of Personal Protection Equipment.

  1. Apple and Starbucks have reopened all stores in China.

  1. Scientists in Israel have also noted the potential to announce development of a coronavirus vaccine within weeks.

  1. A Japanese flu drug has proven effective in treating the novel coronavirus.

  1. Communities are coming together to help their neighbors.

  1. This is a preliminary test. Fortunately, this virus is not that deadly. We will be better prepared in the future.

Understanding all of this - STAND TALL! We stand tall with you! We are all in this together.

Love in all things!



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